Cory Leonard

Just keep studying. (The liberal arts crisis will pass.)

In career, tech on February 25, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Everyone seems to want to work at Google. And they want to talk about the end of liberal arts. If you aren’t following Scott Sprenger’s Humanities+ blog you should do so; he marshals all of the latest posts–and has been cited by a number of others such as Andrew Sullivan , Inside Higher Ed and the CHE.

Meanwhile, Thomas Friedman visits the Mountain View, California campus to figure out what hiring managers look for in new candidates.  Friedman learns that cognitive ability, leadership, and humility make all the difference.  

To continue this theme with we get more from Adam Gopnkik  on “liberal arts versus the world,” via GPS, one of the consistently best programs on CNN.  Gopnik talks about why studying lit isn’t elitist, the link between pop culture, the world of ideas and a lot more:

Apple is primarily an enterprise in the arts and design, perhaps before anything else. But I also think it’s true that we don’t have to apologize for the humanities and the arts in that way, because the truth is that in every civilization that we know of, that interests us at all, there’s an ongoing conversation about books and pictures.

via Are the humanities worth studying? – Global Public Square – Blogs.

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