Cory Leonard

Commencement Speeches | Jon Lovett on the Culture of BS

In career, politics on May 23, 2013 at 6:44 am

‘Tis the season for impassioned words to new graduates.  The former Clinton speechwriter does a good deed by prepping Pitzer grads by encouraging them to not “cover for your inexperience” and “sometimes you will be right.”

Now, lessons one and two can be in tension. And I can’t tell you how to strike the balance every time. Though it helps to be very charming. And from my point of view, I’d rather be wrong and cringe than right and regret not speaking up. But the good news is, as long as you aren’t stubbornly wrong so frequently that they kick you out of the building, or so meek that everyone forgets you’re in the building you’ll learn and grow and get better at striking that balance, until your inexperience becomes experience. So it’s a dilemma that solves itself. How awesome is that?

Finally, number three: Know that being honest — both about what you do know, and what you don’t — can and will pay off.

via Life Lessons in Fighting the Culture of Bullshit – Jon Lovett – The Atlantic.


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