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Donald Miller on Creating Meaning and Your Story

In career on May 22, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Based on the ideas of Dr. Viktor Frankl, Donald Miller’s approach for career and personal development focuses on  meaning as an experience rather than an attainment. He also helps develop narrative skills, something that everyone must face–whether from the often discussed “elevator pitch” to the one-on-one “what you have done” to the memoir.

Q: Don, you’re a best-selling author with a huge following, but you stopped traditional writing to work on Storyline. Why?

A: I started Storyline after I’d accomplished all my goals and still wasn’t happy. I’d become a New York Times bestselling author, which was my goal from high school, and yet I was less happy after accomplishing my goals than I was before. So I began researching what really makes people happy and content. I found that it has nothing to do with fame or money and everything to do with the health of our relationships and our interest in our own work. Serving people rather than trying to impress them is the foundation. So I created a life plan for myself, then shared it with others and found that it helped them heal and recover from a life of pursuing success. Now I consider it my life’s work and, interestingly enough, it fills my life with a deep sense of meaning.

Q: So what’s Storyline all about—practically, what do you do?

A: It’s basically a company that helps people tell better stories with their lives. Through conferences, websites, and individualized training, we create life plans and career paths for people who want to live meaningful lives. That’s what makes us different, really. We start with the question, “What will make your life more meaningful?” rather than, “What will make you more productive?” We’re finding that more and more, very successful people don’t feel satisfied with their success and want something more. That something more is what we help people discover.

via Donald Miller, Christian Iconoclast – The Daily Beast.


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