Cory Leonard

Anne-Marie Slaughter: Forget Having It All — Own What You Want

In career on February 15, 2013 at 5:26 am

How to juggle it all–and I do think that juggling, not balancing is the right metaphor here. Slaughter touches on a question that certainly hit my generation as well.

Slaughter: They wanted to open up the conversation around work and family. They wanted to hear more than what I and so many of my peers had been telling them, which is, you can do it. Our standard response had been, “You can do it. Its hard, but you can make it work.” That is, of course, true for some number of women, and that has been true of me as long as I stay in a more flexible job. I did make it work for two years in Washington. I just couldnt make it work for four, much less eight.But these younger women and men, in some ways, are the first generation that has watched a whole generation of working men and women ahead of them, because I didnt see working women. Im of the generation where I was still first. These young men and women, whether its their own parents or others, have seen it, and they dont like what they see or they are scared of what they see or, at the very least, they think, “What people tell me and the reality Im seeing just [arent] meshing.”There is a hunger to open this topic back up. Whereas many women of my generation told me after this article came out, “Well, thats fine, but it wasnt exactly news.” It was like, “We knew this. Weve been living this. Weve written these things before. You could have written this 20 years ago, and it wouldnt have been any different.” Every generation has to find it for themselves.

via Anne-Marie Slaughter: Forget Having It All — Own What You Want – Knowledge@Wharton.



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