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Content = King

In media, tech on September 25, 2012 at 5:23 am

Can magazines, the good old fashioned print dinosaurs turn a profit?  A spotlight by David Carr at NYT on the owner of Atlantic Media seems to indicate tough times for the print world.  David G. Bradley apparently lost “$8 to 10 million a year” getting The Atlantic seaworthy, to no avail.

Blogging for the firm exitcreative, two bright spots appear:

“The Economist” is a trite answer to a separate question – “Who’s killing it with content?” – but it’s worth noting that their $130 annual subscription ends up in the hands of only around 1.5 million people. In spite of that relatively small number, the magazine makes money. £60MM every year. And that figure is growing.

Cook’s Illustrated is a less-cited example, but they continue to impress. They’re private, so they’re not quite as easy to assess as a business, but they seem to be growing, making money off a model that doesn’t include advertising, and experimenting effectively in the digital space. They publish 6 issues each year, do not discount their subscription rates, and charge for the digital version even if you get the magazine in the mail. And remarkably, somewhere near 80% of their one million subscribers re-up annually. Gangster.

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