Cory Leonard

Is There a Romney Doctrine? –

In politics on May 24, 2012 at 6:04 am

Aptly articulates my major concern with Mitt Romney: What are we buying? His foreign policy is largely unknown and untested. Is he another Republican to be led astray by neo-con handlers? A pragmatist (looking too much like the current occupant of the WH)? Something new?

“There are two very different worldviews in this campaign,” said one adviser who aligns more often with Mr. Bolton. “But as in any campaign, there are outer circles, inner circles and inner-inner circles, and I’m not sure that anyone knows if the candidate has a strong view of his own on this.” Another adviser, saying he would be “cashiered” if the campaign caught him talking to a reporter without approval, said the real answer was that “Romney doesn’t want to really engage these issues until he is in office” and for now was “just happy to leave the impression that when Obama says he’ll stop an Iranian bomb he doesn’t mean it, and Mitt does.”

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