Cory Leonard

A Few Thoughts on The Dismal Science

In politics on September 11, 2011 at 4:09 am

No offense, but perhaps we should think of economics as more of a ‘social’ and less of a ‘science.”  (Not to mention David Kramer, who performs a little gut check and re-alignment for the discipline.)

Economic genius would seem to be in short supply these days. On the say-so of economists, Congress has spent upwards of $1 trillion to “stimulate” an economy that remains unstimulated. The best economists are formidable intellects, as it goes without saying—Ben Bernanke was the spelling champion of South Carolina—but you begin to wonder if they know what theyre talking about.

via Book Review: Grand Pursuit –

The film “Inside Job” by Charles Ferguson does a formidable job of explaining many of the connections–as well as the progression–of the financial crisis.  He doesn’t go easy on economists, either.  (Simon Johnson of MIT and former IMF economist recommends it, as well.)


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