Cory Leonard

“Is College Worth It?”

In career on September 8, 2011 at 5:08 am

When charts showing the relative “value” of undergraduate majors hit WaPo…

Smart business leaders see what Asian leaders see. They do not want employees whose knowledge is restricted to a single field; they recognize that innovation requires employees to engage in continuous learning across new fields of endeavor.

To stay ahead of the curve, employers seek new hires with breadth as well as depth, and a demonstrated capacity for applying their knowledge to new challenges and contexts. Nearly two-thirds of the employers surveyed by Hart Research for the Association of American Colleges and Universities said that the best preparation for long-term professional success was a blend of broad knowledge and skills coupled with field-specific knowledge. Seventy-six percent would recommend this kind of college study to the young people they advise personally.

via ‘Degrees for What Jobs?’ Wrong Question, Wrong Answers – Commentary – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Other reads to give you the sense of how the debate has been running:

  • Room for Debate, New York Times, “Do We Spend Too Much On Education?”
  • Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson’s view of “degrees to nowhere” (SLTribune)
  • “Is College Worth It?” Pew Social Trends
  • More “Is College Worth It” by Economix, NYT blog
  • “Learning by Degrees,” a short comment summarizing the debate in the New Yorker
  • “The Next Tech Boom vs. the College Crisis” in the Atlantic online
  • “In Tough Times the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth” in NYT
And if you’re really feeling ambitious, read this piece in Brainstorm, a Chronicle of Higher Education blog by Scott Sprenger, Associate Dean of humanities at BYU who is becoming one of the more articulate observers on the subject.

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