Cory Leonard

Campus Bloggers featured in NYT Education Life

In politics, tech on April 21, 2011 at 1:38 am

Featured academic blogs from left, right and center–and all pretty well informed about what they spout.  The shortlist includes Althouse (slightly right), Instapundit (libertarian transhumanist),The Volkh Conspiracy (libertarian-conservative), Crooked Timber (social democratic),  Greg Mankiew’s Blog (right leaning mainstream), Informed Comment (left leaning), and The Becker-Posner Blog (small govm’t, private sector).

Online, professors are often highly political, deeply personal and, per the format’s wont, downright snarky in ways they are not in the classroom. Some academic blogs are pure polemic; some are substantive and scholarly, bringing to the national conversation a bit of policy perspective grounded in actual research and expertise. Some speak to their students; most aim for the widest of audiences. What the below blogs share, for better or worse, is influence.

via Big Blog on Campus –


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