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Frum on the State of the Nation, Post-Tea-Party

In politics on December 1, 2010 at 7:30 am

What has changed and what has stayed the same as the result of the Tea Party insurgency?  David Frum offers some useful insights, describing the environment of “contemporary American politics as a class struggle between those with more education than money against those with more money than education.”

He urges the TP-ers to remember the danger of closes information systems, be clear on “the market” v. “the markets”, focus on more than the budget, see some good in the welfare state, and beware of raw populism.

As per point one and phenom Glen Beck, Frum explains:

This is how to understand the Glenn Beck phenomenon. Every day, Beck offers alternative knowledge — an alternative history of the United States and the world, an alternative system of economics, an alternative reality. As corporate profits soar, the closed information system insists that the free-enterprise system is under assault. As prices slump, we are warned of imminent hyperinflation. As black Americans are crushed under Depression-level unemployment, the administration’s policies are condemned by some conservatives as an outburst of Kenyan racial revenge against the white overlord.

Meanwhile, Republican officeholders who want to explain why they acted to prevent the collapse of the U.S. banking system can get no hearing from voters seized with certainty that a bank collapse would have done no harm to ordinary people. Support for TARP has become a career-ender for Republican incumbents, and we shall see what it does to Mitt Romney, the one national Republican figure who still defends TARP.

The same vulnerability to closed information systems exists on the liberal side of U.S. politics as well, of course. But the fact that my neighbor is blind in one eye is no excuse for blinding myself in both.

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