Cory Leonard

Inside the Senate’s battle over climate change : The New Yorker

In politics on October 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm

The must-read on how Rome, er, the United States poltical system is unable to enact change–breaking down the composite factors–as recommended by T. Friedman.

  • Mindless tribal partisanship: Lizza describing what happened to Senator Graham when it became clear in his home state of South Carolina that he was supporting a clean energy bill with Democrats: “Graham was holding a town-hall meeting in the gym of a high school in Greenville, South Carolina. His constituents were not happy. One man accused him of ‘making a pact with the Devil.’ Another shouted, ‘No principled compromise!’ One audience member asked, ‘Why do you think it’s necessary to get in bed with people like John Kerry?’ Graham, dressed in a blue blazer and khakis, paced the floor, explaining that there were only forty Republicans in the Senate, which meant that he had to work with the sixty Democrats. A man in the bleachers shouted, “You’re a traitor, Mr. Graham! You’ve betrayed this nation and you’ve betrayed this state!’ ”
  • A TV network acting as the political enforcer of the Republican Party
  • Special interests buying policy
  • Politicians who put their interests before the country’s
  • A political system that cannot manage multiple policy shifts at once — even though it needs to


See Inside the Senate’s battle over climate change : The New Yorker.


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