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Study Hacks » Does Living a Remarkable Life Require Courage or Effort?

In career on October 1, 2010 at 4:25 am

How to live a “remarkable life”:

When we consider people who do seem to be living the type of life described above, we notice, almost without exception, that they validate my theory.

Consider, for example, the author Neal Stephenson. In two previous posts, I described his envious workday. He writes only in the morning, when his focus is at its peak, and then spends the afternoons working on interesting projects — typically things that require the use of his hands. He ignores most e-mail so that he can have more time to think, write, and, in general, enjoy life. He’s revered by his fans and well-compensated.

How did Neal earn this remarkable life? It wasn’t because he decided to eschew a traditional career and instead become a writer. (Plenty of people try this and fail.) What earned him his reward is that he became exceptional at writing a particular style of book. (We can assume that this was a slow process replete with lots of hard focus.)

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